Crystal Lemon Care Ltd
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MK45 2ZH

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Fax: 01525 404 998
General Services

Care and support will be provided in the locality of your home address (unless otherwise specifically requested) for the duration (period) of time stated or agreed.

Practical Domestic (Housework) tasks commonly include:

• Personal shopping
• Personal laundry including ironing
• Collection of pensions and banking
• Payment of bills
• Vacuuming and dusting
• General tidying of rooms
• Checking on fridge contents and ensuring cleanliness
• Washing and drying up and putting away crockery etc
• Cleaning of bathroom and WC areas
• Assistance with writing or reading correspondence
• Collecting light snacks

Personal Care may involve:

• Bathing, Washing and Dressing
• Changing pads and clothing
• Emptying and cleaning commodes
• Emptying catheter bags
• Assistance with cleaning teeth/dentures
• Shaving
• Washing and drying hair
• Assistance to get up and go to bed
• Assistance with eating and preparing meals
• Encouragement, reminders and administration of medication
• Encouragement to undertake treatments or regimes as prescribed by a health care professional
• Catheter care
• Escorting to appointments

Specialised Care Tasks: are only undertaken by those who have been specifically trained to do so and would not normally fall under the remit of daily personal care duties.

• Stoma care
• Care of a Gastrostomy
• Bolus feeding
• Buccal Midazelom administration
• Oxygen therapy
• Management of Epilepsy
• Oral suctioning

rbal or written will be recorded and centrally monitored by the company until a satisfactory outcome has been achieved.

This document and or any investigations or recommendations made in connection with it do not in any way affect your rights at law and the company is committed to ensuring that you are not victimised as a consequence of making a comment or complaint.

Where serious allegations suggest a criminal offence may have been committed the police and safeguarding authorities will be informed as a matter of urgency.

If a person has been particularly pleased about any aspect of our service, we really would really like to hear from you as it is always helpful to know so we can share this with the workforce in order for us to do it more often and so we can thank our staff.

It is the over-riding objective of Crystal Lemon Care, to strive to ensure that compliments outweigh complaints. Crystal Lemon Care welcomes any suggestions to further improve its services.