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Records & Information

We are required by the Care Quality Commission to keep accurate records of information we hold about you and these could include:

• Your personal details and any diagnosed impairments, conditions or illnesses

• Next of Kin information

• Support Plans

• Risk Assessments

• Communication logs and notes.

The support plans, medical health plans risk assessments and communication logs are kept in yellow files which are left in your home and copies are kept on file in lockable cabinets and kept at our offices. The support plan and associated documentation is used for the purposes to inform workers about your needs and wishes and also to provide a current and up to date record of your activities. Workers fill in these communication notes at every visit and are expected to document:

• Any change in your circumstances

• Medication requirements and any action taken

• Any untoward incidents or accidents

• Any financial transactions undertaken

• Information on the duties undertaken or any other information which could assist the workers assess your needs and wishes

Personal Data will be kept on file at our offices for the purposes of monitoring and for the purposes of inspection. Users of our service should be made aware that the Care Quality Commission may wish to view these records and may wish to visit you (by appointment only) and by signing this agreement you are giving permission for inspectors to view your data and make a home visit.

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